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Children between 4 and 12 years of age

Children between 4 and 12 years of age

One of the most important organs of your child is the skin. It is therefore very important to keep it healthy. These mild products offer your child's skin optimum care and protection.
Children between 4 and 12 years of age

The skin is slightly more developed around the age of 4. The child's skin, however, is still thinner and has less pigmentation than adult skin. The sensitivity to UV radiation therefore remains. Only around the age of 12, the structure and function of the child's skin matches that of an adult.


One of the most important organs of your child is the skin. It is therefore very important to keep it healthy. Your child may suffer from dry skin. You keep the moisture level in balance by letting your child drink enough water. One child develops irritated skin faster than the other. You cannot change this sensitivity nor its skin type. What matters is that you care for the skin as well as possible.

  • If your child is drooling excessively or has a runny nose, this can irritate the skin. Protect the cheeks, chin and nose with a little Avocado Cream.
  • In the winter the air is dry: outside because of the cold and inside because of central heating. It is advisable not to set the heating too high (maximum 20 degrees) and to allow water to evaporate near the heating. This keeps the humidity level up. However, your child may suffer from chapped lips and dry skin, which can flake and itch. Regular hydration with the Avocado Cream helps. It is best to rub your child with this after showering or after bathing when the skin is still moist. You can also treat chapped cheeks with iit.
  • In the summer, overheating or warm clothing can cause heat bumps that are visible as small bumps on red skin. You can rub them with Aloe Vera Gel to reduce the itch and calm the redness. Leave the skin uncovered as much as possible. Also be careful with the sun: your child may suffer from a sun allergy. Always use a sunscreen with sufficient protection.
  • Taking a bath: Warm water dries out the skin. Therefore, do not allow your child to shower or bathe too often and for too long. All H&B Bath/Shower Gels can be used for children from 4 years of age. They are mild to the skin, neutralize the effects of hard water and do not dry out the skin. You can gently pat dry your child's delicate skin. It is important that the skin is thoroughly dry before dressing.
  • Sensitive skin rash: If your child has sensitive skin, you should only use cotton clothing and bedding. The skin may react to the detergent you are using. Clean red legs as much as possible with warm water, soothe them with Aloe Vera Gel and let the skin breath.

Check your child's skin regularly: if something is wrong, you are early to find out. Check on warts, redness or strange birthmarks. If your child is itchy or if the skin looks flaky, it may be due to eczema or an allergy.

When your child suffers from eczema you can wash it with Dead Sea salt. This can bring much relief and improvement to the skin condition. Doctors often immediately prescribe hormone ointments. This quickly removes the itch, but it makes the skin thin and does not resolve the cause. Read here what you can do best with eczema.

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