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The effect of screen radiation on your skin and health

Increasingly, a connection is viewed between screen radiation and health problems such as poor sleep, eye problems and accelerated skin aging. How can you prevent these complaints?


Research into the potential effects of so-called screen radiation ( computers, television, telephone ) is still in its infancy. Increasingly, however, a link is being made between screen radiation and health complaints such as poor sleep, eye problems (Computer Vision Syndrome) and accelerated skin aging similar to those due to exposure to excessive sunlight. Spending four eight-hour working days behind a screen would be equivalent to twenty minutes of full sun exposure.


What can we do with this information ? Throwing all screens away is not a serious option for most of us ... That's why we provide you with some realistic advice:


  • Stop using screens at least half an hour before going to sleep. Limit your screen time and take regular breaks.
  • Smartphones, computers and tablets deliver a so-called HEV light (high energy visible light), which is quite similar to UV radiation. This radiation can cause dark pigmentation and loss of collagen - the most common symptoms of skin aging.
  • Therefore always use facial care products with many antioxidants to neutralize (UV) radiation and with a non-chemical sunscreen (titanium dioxide).
  • All our day creams contain a non-chemical UV filter of titanium dioxide. In addition, the facial products contain many anti-oxidants that protect your skin from UV damage.


Tech neck

The downward tilt in our neck that we often take on when looking at our phones, TVs, and computers is one of the biggest causes of neck and backpain - something that is also called 'tech neck'. When looking down, gravity pulls your skin 5 times more strongly than when you hold your head up, resulting in loose skin. You do it unconsciously more often than you think, just watch yourself !


Stretch lines and dry eyes

You are probably not even aware of it, but when you look at a monitor, you often stretch the already delicate layer of skin around your eyes. This eventually causes lines and wrinkles that no longer disappear. In addition, it also appears that you blink your eyes less when you look at your screen. This can cause your eyes to dry out, which not only causes you to rub your eyes more often, but also leads to reduced vision and headaches.

So limit your screen time and moisturize and protect the skin around the eyes well. Our eye contour care products are also suitable for neck and décolleté.


Last but not least

  • Keep your screens away from your eyes and clean them regularly.
  • Do regular stretching exercises while working, even if this looks comical.
  • Drink enough water.


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