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Underarm Skincare

Silky smooth and fresh-smelling armpits 24/7, who doesn't want that? With these simple tips, this ideal comes very close!
  1. Keep your armpits clean – The moment perspiration from the sweat glands comes to the surface, it is completely odorless. However, when it remains in the same place for a longer period of time, it is transformed by bacteria (usually staph) or fungi (candida) into substances that produce unpleasant odors. So wash your armpits regularly!
  2. Kill bacteria and fungi – Dabbing with Dead Sea water while showering is very effective in killing bacteria and fungi. For an optimal effect, leave on for a minute.
  3. Wear breathable clothes – breathable clothing is especially important to ensure that perspiration can evaporate naturally. Limit wearing tight clothing, especially if you suffer a lot from perspiration. Preferably wear clothes made of natural materials such as linen, bamboo, hemp, tencel, cotton, silk, wool. Please note: It is advisable to soak cloths with perspiration odor in Dead Sea salt, soda, vinegar or lemon. Soak for an hour and then wash in the washing machine. If the smell keeps coming back, you often can't avoid throwing away the garment.
  4. Hair removal - With the Mud Zero hair removal cream you can gently depilate your armpits.
  5. Deodorant - Always use your deodorant on clean, dry skin. In this way you immediately feel much fresher and this freshness will last much longer.
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