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Serums contain many active ingredients that effectively act on specific skin problems. They are indispensable in your daily care routine.

Efficient care

A serum usually looks like a slightly transparent, milky substance. It provides your skin with an efficient care, because active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin faster through a serum than through a face cream. A serum, as it were, opens the door for active substances, whereas a cream envelops the skin with a veil that closes it again, so that the active substances are retained.


Why don't facial creams contain higher concentrations of active substances?

From a certain amount of active substances it is impossible to integrate them into a cream, because such active molecules make creamy formulas unstable. A light, permeable serum texture, on the other hand, remains stable and is, for the time being, the only way to administer an extra dose of active ingredients to the skin through care products.


Can a serum also be used without cream?

Even though serums are more powerful than creams, they cannot completely replace a cream because they are less comfortable. To be able to contain such a high concentration of active substances, the texture of serums must be light and permeable. This light texture has a disadvantage: after the face has been cared for, the skin feels slightly tense and unprotected. The use of a cream afterwards gives your skin a pleasant, relaxed and protected feeling.


Is a serum also suitable for the eye contour area?

Only our Eye Serums are specifically created for the eye contour area.


From what age can a serum be used?

Because from the age of 25 the cell division of the skin starts to slow down and the first signs of skin aging become visible, often in the form of fine lines around the eyes, we recommend starting to use a serum from this age.


Is a serum suitable for oily skin?

A serum is very light and is well tolerated by oily skin. You should especially pay attention that the nourishing cream that you use afterwards is not too rich. Allow sufficient time for the serum to penetrate the skin before applying your day or night cream.


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