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Nail Care

There are still a lot of fables about nails. What is true? What are the best ways to look after your nails? Find out here.

White spots do not indicate a calcium deficiency

Many people think that white spots on the nails indicate a lack of calcium or zinc. This is a myth. White spots are common, completely harmless and usually the result of pressure applied to the nails. The spots disappear automatically by growing out.


Nails largely consist of keratin

Both nails and hair are made of keratin, but they are composed in a different way. Nutrition that is good for the hair also has benefits for the nails. A varied diet with many vitamins, proteins and minerals offers, in addition to good and regular care, the key to healthy hair and nails.


Nails should be able to "breathe"

Contrary to what many suppliers of artificial nails and nail polish claim, it is crucial for the health of the nails that they can absorb oxygen. When this process is complicated, the nail can make it more difficult to ward off infections. In addition, nail polish and artificial nails cause the nails to dry out and decrease the flexibility and strength of the nails.


Stress also takes its toll on your nails

Chronic stress can interfere with nail growth. Stress and fatigue divert the body's energy and nutrients from healthy growing nails and hair.


Cuticles have a function

Cuticles allow the skin around the nail to retain moisture and protect them from bacteria. Therefore, never remove them! Loose skin, on the other hand, may be carefully removed with a cuticle trimmer to prevent inflammation.


Vertical ridges on your nails

Ridges in the nails can occur in both the finger and the toenails. They are usually harmless and develop due to low humidity levels with age, but they can also be an expression of an underlying systemic condition or skin disease. If you notice nail changes that do not go away by themselves, it is best to consult your doctor.


Brittle, broken nails have a cause

If you suffer from brittle, breaking nails, it is often due to a combination of genes and certain actions. Washing and cleaning without gloves, working with paper and frequent use of disinfectants are the most common causes. To protect your hands and nails it is best to use a hand & nail cream several times a day. In addition, never cut your nails, but always file them with a glass or cardboard file. Don't file back and forth, but in one direction!


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