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Day Cream for Young Skin

Day Cream for Young Skin

Young skin can be subdivided into that of babies, young children and teenagers. Babies and young children only need to use a face cream in case of skin complaints or when they go out in the sun. Teenagers can use a day cream daily.

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Baby's skin

A newborn baby's skin is five times thinner than adult skin, making it much more delicate and sensitive. Babies have a more sensitive skin barrier than adults and are therefore more vulnerable to chemical, physical and microbial influences. A baby's skin also dries out faster and is more sensitive to UV radiation, because babies have less skin pigmentation than adults. Therefore, babies must also be kept out of the sun.


The skin of young children between 4 and 12 years of age

The skin is slightly more developed around the age of 4. The child's skin, however, is still thinner and has less pigmentation than adult skin. The sensitivity to UV radiation therefore remains. Only around the age of 12, the structure and function of the child's skin matches that of an adult.


Teenage skin

The hormonal changes of puberty can have a major impact on the skin, especially in the face and on the shoulders, chest and back. The increased production of sebum can lead to the skin becoming greasier and more sensitive to acne. This usually disappears with adulthood, but sometimes, especially in women, acne can persist into middle age.

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