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The Art of Multi-Masking

Face masks are real boosts for the skin. But what is their function? How do you choose the right mask? How do you best apply a face mask?

The Art of Multi-Masking

Face masks give a real boost to your skin. But how do you choose the right mask? What does a face mask do to your skin? And how do you use it?

A Face Mask can be seen as a second skin. When the mask is applied, the skin is closed so that heat and moisture are retained. This gives the skin a better blood flow, it holds more oxygen, which makes skin cells become more active and toxins are removed faster.


Which Face Mask is best for your skin?

It is important to use a mask that suits your skin type. The skin, however, constantly changes according to the seasons, stage of life and circumstances that we go through. Most people therefore do not constantly have the same skin type. Look carefully at the face and determine what your skin needs based on the guide below. Use the principle of multi-masking here: apply, if more effective, different masks at the same time: 

Oily skin 

For oily skin, it is best to opt for a Mud Mask. This absorbs the dirt from the pores, making the skin mattified and more balanced. It also absorbs excess sebum and impurities. This mask hardens.

Combination skin

For combination skin, it is best to use two different masks. Apply a Mud Mask to your T-zone (forehead - nose - chin) and apply a cream mask to the rest of the face and neck.

Normal skin

For normal skin it is very simple: everything is possible. Alternate and find out what you like most. Here too, you can apply multiple masks simultaneously.

Dry skin 

For dry skin, it is best to choose a cream mask. A cream mask can be seen as a kind of day cream. It gives the skin a boost of moisture and makes dry parts disappear.


How to use?

  • Clean your face carefully with a mild cleansing product before use.
  • Dab your face dry with a towel and apply the mask / masks with a spatula, brush or with your fingers, depending on what you find most comfortable.
  • Leave it on according to the user instructions.
  • Remove the mask with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.
  • Then you can pat your skin with Tonic and apply your facial care (Serum, Cream).

For best results you should add in a 'mask moment' once or twice a week. The more you can relax during the mask the better. Nevertheless is our motto: you better clean the house with a facial mask on than leave out your 'mask moment', because you can't find your ideal timing. Your skin deserves it!


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